2 directions about what to talk about with a guy over text

He is thinking how to chat with his crush over text

The most feared thing about girls is that there is no topic to talk
about. Most boys do not know how to chat with girls through text messages, so
they miss many opportunities to go out with girls. So,
how should boys what
to talk about with a guy over text

This article is shared with everyone. Let’s take a look at 100 chat
topics, no more embarrassment!

1. Talk
about over text with your crush: hobbies

The most commonly used topic for chatting with girls is hobbies, and it
is also one of the safest topics. Girls like gossip. They can talk about food,
clothing, housing and entertainment to celebrity entertainment, such a wide
range of basic topics, I am still afraid that there will be no topics in the
early chat ?


What flower do you like

What game do you like

What sport do you like

What food do you like

What dress style do you like

What movie/music do you like

What do you like to do when you are alone

What books do you like to read and who is your favorite author?

about over text with a guy: work and life

You can share interesting people and things encountered in work and life,
guide girls to share her own stories and moods, and resonate.


Cook by myself?

Is it stressful?

How is the boss?

Where do you usually go?

What kind of movie do you prefer?

Which city do you want to work most?

Are you satisfied with your job?

What’s new at work?

What do you usually like to eat after get off work?

What kind of work environment do you like?

3. Talk about over text with your crush:
understand each other

Through topics, we can get to know each other more deeply and have a
clearer understanding of each other. Girls expressing the most true inner
thoughts are often passive, and we can naturally open up through topics.


How old were you when you first love?

Which of me attracts you the most?

Where do you want to travel most?

Which city do you want to live in the future?

What was your first impression of me?

What did I do that made you angry?

Tell me, when did you find out that you fell in love with me?

Did you consider rejecting me when I first asked you out?


What kind of perfect love do you want?

Do you agree to have sex before marriage?

Do you accept three people having sex?

Do you accept boys who have no sex experience?

4. Talk
about over text with a guy: emotional cut

When you chat frequently or your relationship heats up, you can
appropriately cut into some emotional topics, understand her attitude towards
relationships, and exchange your thoughts.


Give a definition to love.

Describe the perfect date in your mind.

What is your definition of loyalty to each other?

Do you think the love of men is different from the love of women?

Who do you think will be dominant in a relationship and why?

If your friend cheated, would you let his partner know?

Do you think sex or affection maintains a perfect relationship?

As a woman, what do you think men need to know most?

Topics that
can be extended:

Have you ever thought about how many children there will be in the

What kind of pet do you want to keep? How many?

What is the most attractive part of a boy?

If you are asked to choose again, do you want to be a boy or a girl?

What kind of little detail would you be tempted by a man?

How do you feel about a romantic vacation as part of your lifestyle?

Hope these topics can help you better communicate with each other through what to talk about with a
guy over text!

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