why is my boyfriend so mean to me ?

I am thinking why my boyfriedns being so mean to me

Many girls have this idea: feel that their boyfriend is
financially stingy. Even some do not know what the reason is. In fact, the most
important thing is that girls should learn to understand the differences in
thinking between men and women.

Give two examples:

1. Some girls are particularly
concerned about gifts; even if boys have already taken on most of their daily
expenses, if they don’t receive gifts at the price they expect, they will feel
that boys are stingy. This writing actually ignores other facts that exist

2. There are differences in
consumption concepts between boys and girls

Some girls earn 8,000 a month
but don’t save money; while boys earn 15,000 a month, but most of them still
have to pay the mortgage. Once boys and girls have very different consumer
concepts, girls will feel that boys are stingy.

In fact, through the above two
cases, we can see that these behaviors are not very mature and rational. In
relationships, girls cannot start accusing boys or even say that the other
party is stingy because the other party fails to meet the requirements.
Because as a girl, you should
know one thing:
While you are testing a man, the man is also observing
your every move, every word and deed. If there are repeated tests, then the
result is that men will think you are a material woman. If you simply use the
aspect of economic expenses, you quickly label the other party and define their
stinginess. Then this exposes the shortcomings of your immature thinking.
Because you have overlooked other important aspects, you cannot view a
relationship objectively and comprehensively.

In a long-term relationship,
if it is just a gift and daily expenses, and you have financial differences,
you will think he is stingy. So when it comes to the large amount of expenses
when getting married, you can’t think about and solve it objectively and
comprehensively. Of course, in addition to this, there are many girls who think
that a man who spends money on a woman may not love her, but a man who does not
pay for a woman must not love her. In fact, such a logical judgment is immature
and irrational. Fundamentally speaking,
men and women have fundamental
in consumption concepts; men have their own logical
judgments when they spend money on women, so women cannot judge whether men are
stingy or not by the amount of money. Is it just that you don’t love if you
don’t spend money? Are there other possibilities?

In love, if a girl is very
important in economics, or in terms of security, then you must at least rely on
your own efforts to fill one of the shortcomings. Because in this relationship,
there is too little value that can be regarded as exchange by men. The economy
is only part of
the relationship between the
. In addition to the economy, there are many, many important factors. In
the relationship, it is best for girls not to care about temporary gains and
losses, but to learn to weigh the various complex factors in the relationship
in the overall situation.

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