why do guys change after you sleep with them ?

They are kissing each other

Many girls ask this question, why do men change after having sex with men?
In fact, there are emotional differences between men and women. We need to master effective
communication skills and non-violent expressions
to understand men.

1Women usually prefer to actively express their feelings. At the same time,
in the process of expression, they especially hope to hear each other’s
feedback. But men are often not good at expressing their inner thoughts and
feelings frankly, which makes many women can only speculate based on their own
guesses and observations in most cases.

2Men and women think differently. Men hope to reflect their value and
status in society through their work. At the same time, men also hope to rely
on their own strength to provide a better economic foundation for the family.

Therefore, most men will naturally spend most of their energy, brainpower
and time in work and career after they are emotionally stable. This is almost
the most energy-consuming man! But some women may not be able to consider this

3Men’s dissatisfaction and depression are low emotions. They are not good at expressing their
thoughts, and most of them can only endure and remain silent. The transmission
of negative emotions can make men feel aggrieved, sad and depressed. Therefore,
in addition to the responsibilities of men, your attitude and behavior will
also have an impact on your relationship downturn.

I remember someone once said: A man is actually like a wire, but a woman
insists on turning the wire into a circle, turning it into a spring, and then
put him in the small palm of her hand for fear that it might leak out. A little
bit. But the tighter the woman holds, the stronger the rebound of the wire will
be. If you hold it to an intensity that you cannot bear, the man will be shot away
and never return to your hand. The more you expect from him, the more likely it
will be counterproductive.

If you want the other person
to actively love you
. Then, you must
learn to deal with emotional relationships calmly and rationally:

1. Don’t change the rhythm of life too much

There will be great changes before and after two people are together, but
a smart woman will not change the rhythm of her life too much. Even if you have
to make some changes, you must proceed step by step. Don’t start pointing
fingers at him because of the relationship between your
boy and girl friends,
destroying your
image in his mind, and you will lose out in the end.

2. Broaden where he likes to appreciate you

A smart girl wants to “get” the point where a man likes herself,
and let him become obsessed with
you more and more,
and let him like you
more and more, then he will become more and more inseparable from you .

3. Self-improvement

Women are not accessories of men. Even after being together, you should
continue to improve yourself and strive to improve your level of thought. This is the best way to
improve a man’s freshness towards you.
Keep your life and work in a balanced state, focus on work when you work,
and live your life attentively when you live, and cultivate your own hobbies.
Maintain ideological, spiritual and economic independence at all times.

Love is a long journey. Consistency is the best way to love. Just as the ancients said: to stay
the same and respond to all changes, it can last.

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