The world after death that you should know!

World after death

We know nothing about the world after death. Although we
all know that art comes from life, do you believe
that there is another scene in the world that you cannot see? That surreal
dark, gloomy and terrifying scene. If you don’t believe it, the stories and works
introduced today will make you uncomfortable.

One cursed artist is Zdzislaw Beksinski, who is called
“the closest painter to hell in the 20th century” by fans. His life
is as tortuous as his works.

His life experience was quite rough. Beksinski was born
in Sanok in southern Poland. He spent his childhood in war, experiencing
genocide, Auschwitz concentration camp, gas chambers and mass graves. These dark memories of
childhood have been haunting him like a ghost.

His wife died of illness in 1998; a year later, his son
committed suicide on Christmas Eve. And it was him who found his son’s body. He
couldn’t calm down his son’s death. Therefore, he nailed a suicide note on the
wall at home to explain the future. Six years later, he was stabbed to death by
his friend’s teenage son at 17 times. It is said that he was brutally killed
because he refused to lend money to the child.

When it comes to his works of art, in fact, he is not an
art major. As an artist, he has not received formal art education, he is
completely self-taught. He graduated from a technical science university and
obtained a master’s diploma in architectural engineering. After finishing his
studies, he became a construction site supervisor, but he did not like his job.
He found that he was more interested in montage
photography, sculpture and painting, and began to create with materials from
his construction site. He tried to paint oil on hard fiberboard, and also tried
to use acrylic paint. When painting, he always listens to classical music. He
believes that music is the main source of inspiration. He once drew the image
of a hideous god of death under a Nazi helmet, which became his most realistic
portrayal of war, death and terror.

In fact, in his works, the hellish dark style is vividly
expressed, and you can see endless scenes of doomsday. Even after death, his
works cannot escape the theme of death. It is often used as album cover by
black gold and death metal bands. His last painting is this one, which happened
to be completed on the day of his death. Now, this painting
is collected by the History Museum in Sanok, Poland.

He is obsessed with the depiction of details, depicting
the magical world with delicate techniques, making these
terrifying scenes more real. With a gorgeous gothic style, he depicts a foreign
world that ordinary people cannot see, but may actually exist. The work has a
strong dystopian style and surrealist architectural style. There are also those
faces that are rough, full of death, and unrecognizable. Most of the works use
very real corpses, corruption, castles supported by skeletons, barren deserts
and deformed human bodies to construct a surreal doomsday world. This style is
called “Fantastic Realism” (Fantastic Realism).

The scenes in the works are always rendered orange-red by
the inexplicable fire in the distance. The creatures in the painting are like
walking corpses, twisted into unrecognizable deformities. These terrifying
monsters stepped into the mist of ruins or monuments time and time again. Some
shrank into a hideous black skeleton, either frozen in the gloomy darkness or
entangled tightly. Their common characteristics are hollow eyes, looking into
the distance, but unable to see the direction. Why are they all turned into
skeletons? Instead of a normal body enjoying a good life? This may be the
cruel truth of life-we will eventually become skeletons. The incomprehension
and helplessness are drawn in the gaze of the skeleton and become the gaze that
gazes into our own hearts.

That’s how good art creation should be. Either bluntly or
tactfully, magnify your feelings in reality hundreds to thousands of times,
transform them into line color patterns in a two-dimensional plane, and then
pull your nerves with surreal visual impact.

Although his creations are full of death, decay,
skeletons, deformed human bodies, and endless deserts, there is warmth when you
observe carefully. Finally, just use “Eternal Embrace” to explain
this sentence. The two skeletons hugged each other tightly. This was originally
a terrifying atmosphere, but it was precisely because of this gloomy emotion that the bondage
of life became more delicate.

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