20 questions for lovers to improve the interaction in relationship, love and dating

Kissing and Hugging

Many times, as a girl, you may have no
idea how to chat with your boyfriend in relationship, love and dating. Now,
the following 20 questions can be used as a topic between couples. With these
questions, you don’t have to be afraid of nothing to talk!

What have I done that makes you think I love you so much? Suitable
for two people to remember what they have done together.

2. What have I done that makes you
unacceptable? In this way, you can avoid making

the same mistakes in the future.

3. Do you like me more or more? For girls,
love and liking are not the same.

4. Are you more dependent on me, or more
fresh? I want to know, am I still fresh in your eyes?

5. Do you like me more or get used to it?
Like will derive into a habit.

6. Will
you choose the one you love or the one who loves you?

question can tell whether he loves you more or you love him more.

If you hear bad things about me from others, would you believe it?

want my boyfriend to feel me with his heart, not his ears.

If we quarrel, how would you resolve it?

you stick to your own opinions and fight for reasons, or lower your head to
coax me for the first time?

Would you mind my shortcomings?

really mind what you think of me.

If you have a shortcoming that I don’t like, would you be willing to fix it for

you care about my opinion?

11. Since being with me,
have you ever envied other people’s feelings?

Do you compare your feelings
with the feelings of others?

12. What have I said that hurt
your heart

You will be able to avoid
not saying anything that hurts your heart in the future.

13. If your good friend is
cheated, will you tell him and how would you tell him?

You can ask the other side
by the way, what do you think of the derailment.

14. If there is a quarrel
between us, would you want a third party to intervene to reconcile it?

Do you want us to solve the problem by ourselves, or do you have
“peacemakers” involved?

15. What do you think do we
have in common?

It is also very sweet to
associate with each other in common!

When you start a family and start a business, will you choose “start a
family first and then a business” or “start a business first and then
a family”?

to know your life plan and see when
to marry me.

What do you have that you have always wanted to do but haven’t done yet?

about your life list, want to participate in your life, and complete it with

How does it feel to be with me?

it sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, or something else?

After we were together, (except for me) did you ever have the opposite sex that
made your heart beat?

you like
me but also have a good
impression of other people?

Will you be moved by being moved?

to know, what exactly will make
your heart beat.

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