4 cold knowledge of both sexes, each one subverts your imagination

Woman and man are kissing each other withouth any problems

time we mention the topic of gender, everyone will be a little shy. Because of
this little shyness, we have some unspeakable questions in our hearts.

 She is thinking of problems in sex

It is said that
sex is good for
women’s breasts
. Is there any breast enhancement

women are in a state of sexual excitement, their breasts will become congested
and firm, and their breasts will indeed look bigger than usual! It is about a
quarter larger than the original. 
this increase is not permanent, it is just a short-lived. After sexual
satisfaction, the hyperemia will disappear, and the breasts will return to
their original state. 
whether it is a big breast or a small breast, it is mostly determined by
DNA…that is, life. Therefore, it is impossible to live breasts by sex! 
although breast enhancement is not possible, the cyclical changes in breasts
such as “congestion-subsidence” are a good regulation of breast
function, which will bring 3 unexpected benefits:

Speed up the blood circulation of the breast

Inhibition of breast hyperplasia

Reduce the incidence of breast cancer

Is the oil on the condom harmful to the body?

“oils” on condoms are not real oils. Most of them are water-based
lubricants. The main ingredients are water, simethicone and glycerin. 
ingredients are very mild, do not irritate the skin, and are easy to clean. On
the contrary, some condoms use vegetable oils for lubrication. This kind of
oil, let alone cancer, will not harm your body even if you eat it. Therefore,
condoms from regular manufacturers have undergone strict quality testing and
will not harm the body.

It is said that the size of the penis can be judged by the size of the nose, is
it true?

research has
found any direct
connection between nose shape and penis length

addition, some of the clues that you may have heard about the size of the
penis, such as whether the fingers are slender, the size of the shoes, the
amount of hair, etc., have no exact relationship with the length of the penis!

for people with this characteristic, the penis does look “small”. Of
course, this “reduction” is not a real change in the size of the
penis, but because of the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and perineum, the
penis is visually smaller! 
with people of normal weight, obese people not only can’t keep up with their
physical endurance, but also have a round belly blocking the distance, even if
it is 18cm, it is difficult to reach!

When I took a bath, I found dozens of curvy hairs scattered on the floor. Will
I get sick?

is a normal physiological phenomenon. 
pubic hair will change color just like getting older. When you get older, your
pubic hair will fall out. Pubic hair also has a growth cycle, it will be
renewed every six months, and 10-15 pieces will fall off every day. 
age increases, the secretion of s
ex hormones
gradually decreases
, hair follicles gradually shrink, pubic
hair shedding increases, and pubic hair will gradually become scarce,
especially around menopause, the rate of pubic hair shedding will increase.
This is a normal physiological phenomenon.

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