2 aspects that you need to know about sex in relationship

Kissing before a sex match

In real life, there are always men who like to brag and
show off. That they are very physically strong and have great sex skills. During sex
dating, they can persisted for a long time. However, it is not a good thing for
men and women to have a date for sex for too long, nor is it something to be
boasted of. In the relationship between the sexes, too long sex life will bring
a certain burden and harm to the body of both parties, so sex match should be
based on the best time.

How long is the
best time for a sex match

A normal couple’s life time is generally 5-15 minutes. Of
course, each couple’s physical conditions and sexual habits are different, that
is, the specific situation and environmental conditions of each sex life are
different for the same couple. Therefore, it is difficult to set a standard for the duration of each sex life.

Under normal circumstances, 10 minutes is the best time
for sex. According to research, one or two minutes is too short to meet the
sexual requirements of both parties, especially women. Most couples believe
that 3-7 minutes of sex is still “acceptable”; 10 minutes is the
ideal state; if it exceeds 13 minutes, even if it is “long”, it is
easy to get exhausted and lose interest.

If you meet someone who talks and is proud of being a
“sex marathon”, don’t be envious, because this is not a good thing.
Psychologists point out that long-term pleasure is not good for sex. It can
only satisfy a small part of the illusory satisfaction of men.

Too long or too
short is not good

During sexual life, the sex organs of both men and women
are in close contact and activity under high congestion. If the time is too
long, it will easily cause various diseases. It is clinically proven that if the sex life lasts too long, women are more
likely to cause urinary infections, menstrual disorders; Men are prone to

It can be seen that the longer the married life, the
better, of course, less than 3 minutes is generally not normal, the sexual life
time is too short, clinically call this situation premature ejaculation.

The right or wrong of sex life is not a factor to
determine whether it is pathological. A harmonious sex life should make both
parties feel happy and reach climax. It is normal to have sexual pleasure.

Some people think that the longer the duration of each
sexual life, the more sexual satisfaction they can obtain. This view is not
scientific. Research on sexual physiology has shown that the one-time life
lasts for a long time and is detrimental to both sides.

There are many reasons for men’s short sexual life. For
example, psychological factors or emotional aspects may lead to premature
ejaculation and shorten the sexual life.

But what needs to be vigilant is that many male disease
factors can also lead to short sexual life, premature ejaculation or too rapid
ejaculation, you should go to a formal examination as soon as possible to find
out the cause and symptomatic treatment, so as not to delay the condition and
cause more serious s consequence.

In fact, sex life is just like eating and sleeping.
Everything has its own degree. It is only good for our body if it is carried
out within a certain limit. If you eat too much, it will hold up and it will
not affect the stomach. Well, too little and not enough to eat.

In addition to time, the number and frequency of sexual life should also be
within a certain reasonable range. Too frequent is also harmful to our body.

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