Make you become a powerful man in public sex relationship

you satisfied with your current sex life? If you are not satisfied, don’t
worry. Next, we have compiled 20 tips for enhancing sex knowledge for you.
These will help you have a fun and perfect sex life.


The composition of semen is not mysterious: 90% is water, sperm accounts for
less than 1%, and the remaining less than 10% is a variety of nutrients.
“One drop of essence and ten drops of blood” and “semen
nourishment” are all deceptive.


“18 centimeters per capita” has a high probability of lying.
According to statistics, the average erection size of Chinese men is 12-16 cm.


But “length” is not the most important. The average length of the
front wall of the female vagina is 7-9 cm, and most male reproductive organs
are longer than this. In other words, hardness, time and skill are
more important than size.


For the hardness of male reproductive organs, there is a general standard
called erectile hardness index (EHS):

1: Complete weakness or slight swelling reaction. The hardness is like lips, or
a piece of tofu.

2: There is swelling but very weak. The hardness is like a wet sponge or peeled

3: It is an erection but does not reach the best level. The hardness is like a
nose or banana with a skin.

4: Is the normal level of erection. The hardness is like a human forehead or a


speaking, hardness level 4 is the ideal level, and level 3 is the passing
level. The hardness below level 3 is not enough.


The International Society for Sexuality (ISSM) defines premature ejaculation
as: from the beginning of having sex,
ejaculation is almost always within 1 or 3 minutes, or negative emotions are
brought about because of the inability to delay ejaculation. Men above this
standard do not have to doubt themselves.


The occasional failure is not impotence, and the occasional quick ejaculation
is not premature ejaculation in a relationship.


Hairy nipples is a normal physiological phenomenon, and it may occur for both
men and women. If you don’t like these hairs, you can choose to pluck them. As
long as you disinfect them and pay attention to hygiene when plucking, they
will not affect your health.


Breast massage has no effect on breast enhancement. If the intensity is not
appropriate, it may be harmful. Don’t expect the breasts to be “feeling


Women’s private parts and blackening of nipples have nothing to do with the
frequency of sex.


How many times a month is considered normal? Only children struggle with
frequency, but adults look at quality. Generally speaking, the frequency of sex
is mainly to not affect the physical and mental state, and it is good to find a
rhythm that both parties feel suitable.


There are many ways of female orgasm, including nipple orgasm, vagina orgasm,
clitoral orgasm and so on. Not all women can experience vaginal orgasm, so for
women, when a path is not working, they might as well try a few more methods.


12. Sex will
not make the vagina looser. The muscles of the vagina are full of elasticity,
and after every sex, it will return to normal soon.


During menstruation, the cervix opens and the endometrium falls off. The risk
of bacterial infection is higher than usual. Therefore, during the few days
when you come to your aunt, you should try not to “fight in the


Be sure to do cleaning work after sex:
girls are best to urinate, and if possible, rinse the vulva with water (but do
not rinse the vagina). Men can wash their productive organ with water and mild
soap, remember to open the foreskin and clean it up. Both men and women have to
wait until they are completely dry before putting on their underwear.


believe that these can give you a detailed guidance about intimacy sex. Of
course, if you want to have a perfect sex life, you must first find a proper
soul-mate for your relationship. As for this, I consider that you should try a
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