What are some psychological tricks that are not only useful but also highly profitable?

1. If you want to be the focus of attention in the party and attract others’ attention, you can try wearing a red dress. People subconsciously think that women wearing red are more attractive and sexy. In 2010, Elite confirmed that people would sit closer to women in red dresses.

2. If you want to let more people around you and much more rely on you, you should grasp the details to praise. For example: if you want your boyfriend to turn off the game, you can say: “When will it be finished? Can you leave some time for me and you, this handsome guy, to live in a two-person world? Have a boyfriend who looks so good and has such a good figure. Good thing, I can only watch him play games, it’s too difficult for me.” He is absolutely happy, coming over to accompany you with a smile.

3. If you are chatting with a girl, her hand keeps playing with her own hair end, or her hand wraps her own hair end, it means that your chat content is a bit boring, not what she is interested in. Then you need to change into a new topic, which she is interested in.

4. When a person looks at you for more than 3 seconds, it must be a certain point on your body that has attracted him, causing him to have a strong desire for you.

5. People, who blink frequently in daily life, have more thoughts and narrow-mindedness. They are prone to doubt people and don’t care much about other people’s affairs. Therefore, if you have something to deal with these people, you’d better talk with them directly.

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