What are some disturbing ancient historical facts?

The Aversion Project

Between 1971 and 1989, South Africa was in a period of apartheid. Homosexuality among the military is not allowed in South Africa at this time.

Because the military and political leaders believed that homosexuality was destructive, a medical torture project to exterminate humanity was launched, led by Dr. Aubrey Levin.

This project was called “The Aversion Project”, which can be understood as the “Disgusting Project”. The goal was to make homosexuals feel disgusted and disgusted with being homosexual through various inhumane means. The project was aimed at homosexuals in active military and conscripts.

They used military psychiatrists and pastors to force them to give evidence through secret interrogations and to confess the homosexuals in the army. These homosexuals were not simply expelled from the army, but secretly sent to a military hospital near Pretoria. They were taken to a place called “Ward 22”.

In this terrifying ward, the victims were given chemical castration and electric shock therapy in an attempt to “treat” their homosexual “symptoms”. The treatment method involved wrapping wires and electric shocks on the victim’s upper arm, and giving them different degrees of electric shock by operating a 1-10 electric shock device. The doctors showed the victims pictures of naked men and guided them to sexual fantasies. If the victim had a sexual impulsive reaction, the doctor would give him an electric shock. If the victim’s sexual impulse response continued, the intensity of the electric shock would continue to increase.

Not only homosexuals, Dr. Levin firmly believed that this therapy was also effective for other populations, such as marijuana addicts.

He even applied this inhuman treatment to soldiers who tried to escape the apartheid army. The sexual orientation of some victims could not be changed through the therapy, and the project staff resorted to more shameless methods on them-forcing them to change sex and forging their birth certificates.

‘As many as 900 homosexuals (most of whom are young people aged 16-24) were forced to sign to obey, became women through surgery, and were given new birth certificates to adapt to the new gender.

However, sex reassignment surgery could have a 100% success. Many soldiers, who had undergone sex change, had become non-male or non-female because they couldn’t afford expensive hormone drugs.

Ironically and surprisingly, the project leader, Dr. Aubrey Levin, later became a clinical professor at the University of Calgary. Until 2010, Professor Levin was disqualified as a professor for sexually harassing a boy. Later, he was sentenced to 5 years in prison for sexual assault against a man.

So crule!!! Nowadays, we should respect people who have a different love gender, because everyone is equal.

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