What is one thing that I can learn from you today?

I don’t want to tell my specific story. I just want to say something necessary. That’s it. 

The best decepitive person in the world is yourself. Never be a person who pretends to be “asleep”!!!

You get up at five o’clock in the morning to read a book, stay up late before the exam, and learn to pretend to work hard; you buy super expensive gifts for your boyfriend, and you pay to express your love and blindly move yourself; when you fail, you attribute your lack of strength to bad luck; when you suffer a loss, you dare not speak up.

And you also persuade yourself that “a loss is a blessing.” It’s easy when you lie to yourself, but society won’t change a single cent because of your idea. What should be the grade or how much should you do? If he doesn’t love you, he just doesn’t love you. If you lose your temper, you will only suffer more. That’s it. And that’s true.

So, never be a person who pretends to be asleep and can’t be woken up by others!

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