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What are the best ways to promote an app?

The most important thing in the early stage of promoting app is not to put too much energy on the promotion of the public market, but to focus on selecting “seed users” and “super fans” to carefully maintain user relationships.

Mentioning this topic, we need to know more about the Facebook, the world’s largest social networking platform-Facebook, which originated on the Harvard University campus. When Facebook was launched, it did not actually roll out a large-scale promotion, but carefully select“seed users”.

In the early stage, the Strikingly team visited an Ivy League university and only invited students from that university to use the app. They focused on finding a hundred “super fans”. Their method of selecting super fans is very simple, which is to ask users one by one with the same question. The question is: how would you feel if there were no Strikingly’s app tomorrow? If a user answers: their work or life will be greatly affected, and they are willing to pay for the website to maintain. Then, this person is a super fan.

Besides, in the early stage, they put all their energy into maintaining user relationships. For example, the founder David Chen also personally added user friends on the Facebook. And he would chat with user friends on Facebook every day and listen to the feedback. Sometimes, the team also invited users to come out for tea in life. What most people did not expect was that when the founder David was attending a speech in Tokyo, he simply lived in the user’s home and held the first “super fan” gathering there.

In fact, looking at these strategies alone, most operating officers would think that there is nothing glaring after all. But on the contrary, these have promoted team research and development and the relationship between super users, which helped them accumulate a large number of high-quality seed users in the initial stage of promotion, and evoked the integration of the outside world into this elite social circle. interest.

Of course, the good establishment of user relationships not only provides a lot of valuable advice on the initial improvement of app, but also promotes the “community effect”. Because super fans will also actively introduce the app to others, and even take the responsibility of the customer service team to answer the troubles of others in use. With the increasing spread of word-of-mouth, Facebook has gradually expanded its promotion market to nearby schools, even the United States and the world.

Now, judging from the existing achievements of Facebook app, the initial promotion strategy adopted by Facebook is very successful. This promotion strategy can be said to be the best, most appropriate and most feasible promotion model.

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