What are some of the best moments of humanity?

1. Someone photographed such a moment in Rio de Janeiro, when a man took off his shoes and gave it to a girl who was homeless.

2. After Hurricane Sandy hit, a household posted this notice: “We still have electricity. You can charge your phone here.”

3. Notice from a laundry shop:

“If you are unemployed and need an outfit clean for an interview, we will clean it for free.”

4. Every Sunday, the New York hair stylist would take to the streets to cut the hair of the homeless.

5. A firefighter held a kitten rescued from the fire and let it take oxygen.

6. This woman named Sue is walking with her dog on an embankment in Melbourne. Suddenly a strong wind blew the dog into the stream…The passerby in white immediately took off his clothes and jumped into the river to rescue the dog. That day, he came to the embankment to throw the ashes of his dead mother into the river, but he saved another life

7. An employee in the supermarket squatted down and an old man tied his shoelace.

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