Which is better: an arranged marriage or a love marriage?

Free love is better. Because two people move from free love to marriage, they will understand each other better. Two people are arranged marriages, and they care little about each other.

For example: My friend is in free love, and her husband cares about her feelings; even if two people quarrel, her husband will communicate with her patiently. Such a quarrel will not affect the feelings, but can also exchange for a great harmony of life!

A colleague is an arranged marriage. He himself admitted that he and his wife have no daily topics in common. They will not quarrel at all. Once, when we went out to eat together, he told jokes to make his wife happy. However, his wife ignored him. He said that such a married life is very boring and boring.

Therefore, we still have to choose our favorite partner through free love. When we are alone, we can try to actively find future partners through different social dating software.

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