What are some mind-blowing facts that sound unreal but are actually true?

Some people say that people are more likely to have a desire for intimacy on rainy days, making each other’s feelings closer in the sound of rain.

1. Lengtian people are more willing to have sex

There are twice as many people who refuse to make intimacy because of the hot weather than because of the cold. 35% of people have repeatedly refused to have sex because of the hot weather, and 19% of those who refused to have sex because it was too cold. It seems that everyone thinks this is a good exercise to keep warm.

2. The most people have sex at night

It is said that people have higher libido in the afternoon, but it is not suitable for sex. After a busy day at night, it is a great thing to have sex with the one you love.

3. The happiest sex on Friday

The survey found that 56% of men and women in Tokyo, Japan will have sex on Friday, followed by Saturday, with about 30%, and then on Thursday, Wednesday, Sunday, and Tuesday. The least enjoy sex on Monday. .

4. Work stability will increase the number of sex

Researchers have found that unstable work can lead to a lack of libido, and for a period of time after the work enters the stable period, married life will be more harmonious.

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