What is the most unforgettable sentence that someone said to you?

“For college entrance examination, take the entrance examination of Nankai University; however, whether you pass the entrance examination or not, grandpa will give you a pen.”

This is the last sentence my grandfather said to me before his death, and it is also a sentence I will remember for a long time.

Every time I think of this sentence, my brain hurts like an explosion, and my heart feels very sad. When Grandpa was here, I liked to watch Grandpa write pen calligraphy. That was the first pen given by my unit when my grandfather was working, and it was also the beginning of my love for pens. Now, I don’t like pens at all, so I have never bought myself a pen.

Because grandpa passed away very suddenly, and left very suddenly. I just remember that when I was sending my grandfather away that day, I cried all the way; I couldn’t walk smoothly, so my aunt helped me all the way.

Grandpa has seen a lifelong veteran and has done good deeds all his life; he left before I could wait for my college entrance examination. In my impression, I like pens very much because my grandpa would always watch grandpa write pen characters when he was working, and the fonts he wrote were tough and powerful. Grandpa also promised to hand me over to write pen calligraphy and to use an abacus to do accounting work. However, before the pen calligraphy had time to learn, and the planning skills hadn’t come to remember to master, Grandpa left.

The university did not enter Nankai University, nor did he want to go to Nankai University, nor did he go to the military academy he wanted to go to. He just obeyed his family and stayed in colleges and universities in the province to study. When I applied for a graduate school, I didn’t choose Nankai University, not because I didn’t dare to try it; it was because when I mentioned this, my heart would be unstable for a long time. I’m not afraid that I won’t pass the exam, but I don’t want to touch things related to memories! Because up to now, when the codeword writes this passage, I can’t help my tears! From beginning to end, I could not accept the fact that Grandpa left.

Now, I am doing a similar internship job with a similar salary. Now I gradually understand the weight of Grandpa’s words. Thank you for your previous care and love, and thank you for the various protections you have given me before. Don’t worry, grandma is fine now, and her body is great. Love you forever!

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