What are some of the most heartbreaking facts?

1. When your parents are old, you don’t have enough ability to take care of them.

2. The bravest thing I have ever done is not to love you without hesitation, but to pretend to be calm and light to hear about your love with her.

3. The most heartbreaking feeling in the world is not being broken in love, but when I give my heart to you, you are deceiving me.

4. I had a crush on someone in five years. When I was not afraid of being hurt, I spent my most sentimental five years and liked him very humblely. Can’t help but look at him secretly, can’t help passing by him, can’t help walking behind him. At that time, every neglected moment was extremely sad. Even if he asked me to take his mobile phone to take pictures of the girls he liked, I did not refuse. The humbleness at that time didn’t break my heart. The most heartbreaking thing is to give up at the end.

5. Sometimes, we are willing to forgive a person, not that we are really willing to forgive him, but that we are unwilling to lose him. I don’t want to lose him, I can only pretend to forgive him.

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