What is the most disrespectful thing someone has done while you were shopping?

Someone unprovoked jump in line with some insult words

Once, after get off work, I went shopping with my colleagues. We came to a big shopping mall and entered a snack shop, planning to buy some snacks.

During the shopping process, the shopping guide was very friendly and always enthusiastically introduced us to various new snacks. Both of us like to eat good food, and like to try different fresh snacks. Finally, the two of us bought a basket full of snacks.

However, when queuing to check out, there was a very speechless scene.

Two customers have slected the goods and are ready to check out. But they did not follow the order of the line, but went straight to us and jumped in. At that time, we were a little angry, especially angry. We started a dialogue with them. We said, “Sorry, excuse me, you two jumped in line; if you need to check out, you need to line up behind to check out.” But they didn’t reply directly to us, instead they said something disrespectful of people, “You can eat too much, you can eat like a pig.” At that time, because of this matter, we almost fought. Two minutes later, the store security staff heard our quarrel and hurried over.

After the security personnel got to know the end of the matter, they negotiated. Then I learned by accident that the two customers were husband and wife. This afternoon, they just finished the divorce procedures. Jump in line to check out because their children are still waiting outside and don’t want them to wait too long. Finally, they expressed their sincere apologies to us. We also chose to accept.

Finally, after this incident, we will also find that things will have two sides. No matter what experience we have experienced, we should learn to mediate ourselves. Strangers should not accept your “rude” treatment.

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