What crazy things have you done because of love?

I didn’t do it. But my collegue has done it. He is a man,temporaily called as D. I ‘m gonna to share you with the  story of a male colleague.

The first time he fell in love was in college. At that time, he and his girlfriend E were high school classmates, and they both went to school in different cities. Finally, because E couldn’t resist the temptation, he fell in love with another boy, and then had to break up.Ten days after the breakup, at a class party, D got drunk. D made a dozen calls to E, but no one answered. At that time, in the night of more than 20 degrees below zero in the winter, D was alone on the playground making calls and sending messages, running like crazy. Finally, D got tired and lay directly on the playground, crying all the time. D later heard from his roommate that he was finally carried back to the ground by his roommate. After returning to the dormitory, D was cold, and D’s roommate took care of D all night. For the next two days, D stayed in the dormitory for two days before his body slowly came over.

Until now, when he talks this story, he admits that he doesn’t regret. And he says that what he has done is the most crazy thing because of love. He also says that The most crazy thing that he did shows his care about this relationship.

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