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What is the secret to confidence?

1. Shake hands calmly.

People who often watch international news may find this interesting phenomenon: when the leaders of various countries meet, there is a silent wrestling, and when shaking hands, see whose hands are strong. This is actually a contest between strength and self-confidence. The winner of the wrestling will gain some psychological advantages. In life, you don’t need to be so extreme, you don’t need to hold the other person’s hand sorely to show your strength, but a firm and steady handshake will make you appear more confident and reliable. This helps you make a better first impression on others.

2. Make eye contact more often.

The eyes are the windows of the soul. Through this window, one can understand a person’s heart. If a person’s eyes are always erratic, or dare not look at others, it will give others a feeling of unconfidence. Therefore, if you want to improve your self-confidence, you must consciously exercise your ability to make eye contact with others. Firm eyes and constant eye contact can convey this message to others: you are very interested in TA, and you are comfortable and relaxed. For those who are too shy, direct eye contact may be more difficult because they may have a fear of seeing each other. In this case, you can focus on the middle area of the eyes and nose of others. In this way, it can also give others the illusion that you are looking at your own eyes.

3. Hold your head up.

“Please hold your head up and move forward.” Holding up your head is a gesture that enhances confidence. When a person is walking or talking to others, if he always keeps his head tilted, he will appear confident and aura. If you feel a little discouraged, please try to raise your head a little bit, you will find that your self-confidence level will increase as your viewing angle increases.

4. Keep smiling.

What do you feel when someone talks to you with a smiling face? The first will be affinity. A smile can shorten the psychological distance between people and enhance mutual trust and security, which will make two people closer. Secondly, you will feel that the other person is confident. Laughter conveys happiness and warmth, and only when a person has these qualities can they be able to pass it on to others. Therefore, a person who is rich in heart and full of confidence will show a sincere smile. If you find it difficult to do all of the above body languages, that’s okay. Show your smile as much as possible. The brighter you smile, the more confident you are in the eyes of others.

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