Can a relationship get back to normal after someone cheats?

As long as there is deception between two people, the relationship will break. A relationship that was deceived and raised is like a broken mirror that can no longer be reconciled. Share you with a story about my friend.

In March last year, she was in love with her boyfriend for about five months. She broke up with her boyfriend because of one incident. At that time, her boyfriend had a good relationship with a female junior high school classmate. When they were in junior high school, they would prank and play together. Before he fell in love, he would often hang out with this female classmate. But that time, her boyfriend went out for dinner with the female classmate, but the relationship between them broke down.

Because he was afraid that his girlfriend would be unhappy, he told her that she was going to dinner with her male classmate. After returning home, the female classmate habitually sent him the photos taken that day. When he went to wash, the phone rang. She just thought it was because someone called and turned on the phone. Seeing the picture sent over, tears left her immediately. When he came out, he found that she was crying holding his mobile phone. He panicked and ran over to hug her. Apologize to her and explain why. Her mood gradually eased.

However, the next scene completely shattered the castle she trusted in him. His cell phone rang. She looked down and found a photo passed by the female classmate. Above the photo is a photo of her kissing her female classmate. At that time, she was trembling with anger and tears flowed. She didn’t yell at him this time, but said softly, “You don’t love me at all. How can you hurt me and deceive me if you love me? Thank you for these months. Take care, and hope that we will never meet each other, and goodbye is a passerby.

I hope that all lovers can be loyal to each other, treat each other frankly, and grow old!

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