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94-year-old grandma and 74-year-old mother make persimmon cakes for 44-year-old granddaughter (daughter) together

This year, 44-year-old Ms Zhai published a video on Tiktok to show up the process of making the traditional local food, which was made by her grandma and mother.

Maybe you will feel strange the point where it was special. But it’s known for us. The older we are, the more we will lose. It’s very priceless for us to spend time with our families. Especially, your parents and grandparents are healthy. The lady is very lucky. When she is 44 years old. She still have her mother and grandma accompany her. Even, she can eat a delicious food made by her mother and grandma, who are 74 years old and 94 years old respectively. Especially, when you are an adult with your own children, you have to take care of them, such as cooking, doing dishes and earning money. You still have the chance to experience the happiness which is from your childhood. Most importantly, you can have the opportunity to record the happy moment. Not a better picture!

Cherish the time with your family!!! Try to record the happy moment!

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