What’s the most important lesson you learned in college?

1. Don’t have a sex with each other too early, and don’t live together too early! Don’t even lose your dignity just to love someone being humble!

2. Don’t easily believe the rhetoric of a boy. Because he either likes you, or he has other ideas for you. For example: all kinds of boys who please you are actually greedy for your body!

3. When a boy has a sex with his girlfriend, he must learn to protect each other and take safety measures! Remember the point! ! ! Otherwise, you will be a young daddy!

4.When you meet someone you like, you can chase it bravely and quickly, don’t hesitate to tweak. Because you do not confess does not mean that no one else will confess to him/her.

5. In a relationship, a girl should not obey her boyfriend too much, and be responsive to requests. You have to learn to be a coquettish girl. A spoiled woman is the best life, this sentence is better!

6. Don’t have too much intimate contact with friends of the opposite sex, and don’t blindly follow the trend and ask to kiss friends of the opposite sex! ! !

7. Don’t be obsessed with online games. Remember ! !!

8. Study professional knowledge well, so I don’t need to tell you more!

9. There can be drunk times, we can accept it. But you have to understand that only when you get drunk with your real friends can you let the sad thing go away. Otherwise, you will only be someone else’s talk and a laughing stock.

10. Don’t make friends with a large number of pictures, but focus on whether you are sincere!

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