What are some ugly truths of life?

  1. Don’t ruin your body uncontrollably when you are young. Do not indulge yourself in the harm of staying up late at all. You should empty your body a little bit. Go and see those who are getting older. Some do not regret being young. When I didn’t take good care of my body.
  2. Be wary of those feelings that suddenly heat up. They weren’t particularly familiar before and didn’t have too much contact later. People who didn’t even send blessings to you during the New Years and holidays suddenly came to you to greet you. Talking about your previous relationship, he I definitely don’t miss you, it’s probably because he is short of money or he is about to get married.
  3. Don’t be too entangled with bad people and bad things around you. Once you spend time on these, you will fall into an endless loop of bad people and bad things, and you have to know that others will not be because of you. Be smart in a few words, only your time and value are wasted.
  4. Don’t make any decisions late at night. The night is when people are most vulnerable and sensitive. It is easy to get irrational and do things that you regret the next morning when you wake up the next morning, such as finding an ex-boyfriend to get back together, and sending out non-mainstream people to the pursuer. Sad writing, quitting your job, etc.
  5. You really don’t have to worry about falling in love. It’s better to think about how to make money if you are in love.
  6. Don’t be a good teacher when others don’t ask you actively. Your active guidance is actually subconsciously mocking him for nothing.
  7. Don’t be moved by a little bit of achievement and feel that you have worked hard enough. While you are getting better, others are not stupid will stay where you are. If you don’t move forward, you will soon be surpassed.
  8. When someone asks you for help, be sure to ask first. Don’t make a silly promise for the sake of face and the so-called feelings. If you are not sure or feel embarrassed, you must directly refuse it face-to-face, and don’t delay without giving a response. It hurts your feelings even more, and he will think you are playing with him.
  9. Control your emotions at all times. A person who always shows emotions on his face can’t go far, because others can see you through at a glance, know where your weaknesses are, and know what is most likely to irritate you.
  10. No matter how good he has been to you, when he decides to separate from you, it means that he already thinks that he can live better without you. Don’t always hold on to you. In his heart, you are true. Is not that important.

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