My boyfriend dumped me because I am not like other girls, who wear makeup and fashionable clothes. What should I do?

Girls, you should know it. When he says this to you, it shows that he doesn’t really like you. What he cares more about is the formal love. What you should do is to make”revenge “. That means, let him regret.

  1. Don’t fall into the sadness. No worthy.
  2. Learn to make up yourself and then let him see you on purpose.
  3. When he saw you, you should never look back and give him a shock.
  4. Focus on yourself and be the best one.
  5. Learn to pushinsh you ex-boyfriend for his rudness in some interesting means and end up this relationship with your own respect.
  6. Never beg to him for continuing this relationship.
  7. Never forgive his hurt words to you.
  8. Remember that you are the best one and never be shamed.
  9. Learn to give yourself a time for relaxing, such as travelling.
  10. Take a series of photos for finding your own confidence.
  11. You should regard this bad experience as a better start for yourself.

In the end, girl, you should know that such a man is a bad man. Don’t be sad. It’s no worthy. 

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