What made you happy today?

My cat, what she did  in the library

Today, in the morning, after breakfast, I took my bicycle to the library. When I decided to close the door, my cat came out showing a sad expression. Then, I told her,”Stay at home, and take care of our room. I will come back soon.” She shake her head as if expressing,”nope, I do not want to stay at home. I want to come with you.” Next, she shouted with a misery expression.Looking her sadness, I had to take her with me to the library.

When arriving at the library, I put her in my bag and told her to keep quiet for avoiding being founded. After,under the guidance of the staff, I finished the personal registration work. As you can imagine, I took her to the storage room. Here, I put my bag down, as she directly got out of it. Then, with her in my arms, I started to search the book related with history. Suddenly, she jumped off my arms and fell down on the ground. As if she had understood what I wanted to read, she did this behavior and used her paws to took that book on the picture.

At that time, I felt very warm and happy, because my cat was not just a cat. She is like my friend always accompanying around my side.

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