What is the most frightening thing that’s ever been discovered by archaeologists?

Lift the veil of fear

  1. Ötzi the Iceman

This corpse was discovered in Mount Ozt, so it was named “Ötzi the Iceman”. According to other names of the place of discovery, it is also called Similaun man man or Otzi.

According to research, Austrian archaeologists speculate that Oz was a male human. When he died, he was about 1.65 meters tall, weighed about 61 kg. And the size of his feet was 38 yards, and his age at death was about 45 year old.

Due to thousands of years of weathering and dehydration, the dried corpse was less than 14 kilograms when it was excavated. However, because of covering with the perennial snow cover, most of his body’s tissues were well preserved. According to the analysis of the pollen and dust particles attached to the corpse, and the isotopic composition of the enamel of the corpse, he lived in the prehistoric period of 3300 BC, which was more than 5,300 years ago…More than 1,000 years earlier than the oldest mummy in Egypt.

2. “Persian Mummy”

Actually, upon further investigation, it was eventually determined that this so-called “Persian princess” was actually a female in her twenties who had died in 1996.

She had possibly been murdered after a blow to the neck with a blunt instrument, and her body had been filled with powder after her organs were removed.

3. A piece of shit from 1200 years ago, 20 centimetres long and 5 centimetres wide…

The name of this feces is Lloyds Bank coprolite unearthed in York, England in 1972, which is the largest human fecal fossil ever found. Analyzing shows that its owner mainly depends on meat and bread to survive, and the presence of hundreds of parasite eggs indicates that he/she has intestinal worms.

In 1991, Dr. Andrew Jones, a paleontologist in York, commented on this shit: “This is the most exciting event I have ever seen. It is as valuable as the crown jewel.” 

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