What are some first date tips?

1.Choice of topic for the first date

The first date is still a new starting point. If you chat beyond the current relationship level, then your date will definitely end in failure. So when you talk to girls on a first date, it’s best to interact with girls on topics. For example, on the first date, the content of the chat is taboo for personal matters such as monthly salary and family. The best way to chat is to share yourself first, and then gradually guide the girl to show herself. When asking a girl, it is best to use open questions. When a girl shares herself, listen carefully, focus on interacting with the girl, and maintain eye contact. Topics you can talk to girls are: weather, food, friends, childhood, future, ideals, TV movies, gossip entertainment, clothing taste, current environment, things around, views on things, and so on.

2.Pay attention to details when eating.

When ordering food, ask the person if there are any special restrictions, such as whether you can eat spicy food, and whether the drink likes cold or hot. Try not to order dishes that are indecent, hard to eat, or inconvenient for conversation, such as spicy crayfish. Before moving the chopsticks, don’t forget to pick the dishes for the other party. Take the initiative to help peel the shrimps, deliver paper towels in time, pull the chair away before sitting, and greet the waiter politely. These details will make you very considerate. Having said that, I think of the email I received a few days ago. The boy said that he and his girlfriend who he knew not long ago went to study in the library. After they came out, the girlfriend was very angry. After asking, he realized that he had brought potato chips. You see, girls are so careful and thoughtful, and appointments are everywhere. The first potato chips may stain the borrowed books, and the second crisp sound of potato chips in the quiet study room is indeed a bit wrong.

3.Look at each other’s eyes while chatting, and don’t dodge.

Remember eye contact, eyes are the window to the soul. Express compliments at the right time, the kind that comes from the heart and sounds natural. You can compliment the other party’s outfits, makeup, etc. Of course, don’t overdo it, it sounds like flattering, that would be inappropriate.

It is most taboo that you are talking alone, learn to listen. And it is best to guide a girl to tell her hobbies. For example, what kind of food do you like, what kind of movies, what books to watch, what sports, etc., and so on.

4.After the date, send the girl home.

It is the one that best demonstrates your warm-blooded qualities and gentlemanly demeanor. It must not be omitted. A female friend next to me said that after the date, she has no feelings for boys, dislikes or dislikes them. And they are also struggling whether to continue dating. Unexpectedly, the boy not only sent her downstairs, but also watched her go upstairs before leaving. At that moment, she felt that this boy was worth choosing.

Therefore, it is best to send the girl to the door of the house and tell her: “Give me message when you arrive at home, let me ensure that you are safe.”

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