How can I tell if my girlfriend really loves me?

1. Body contact

When we hate someone, we often say to him: “Don’t touch me!” But we would like to attach the person we like. Because only when we are close enough and trust a person will we allow him to have such close contact with us. If your girlfriend really like you, she will actively keep close with you. And she won’t refuse your closeness. Generally speaking, after dating, the frequency of physical contact also shows the degree of intimacy between two people. Telling a little secret: more than 80% of couples who often hold hands, hug, and kiss, must have sex life.

While sitting face to face at the table, if your girlfriend unconsciously puts her bag and tissues between you, as if building a city wall, it means that she is wary of you. Because of the biological instincts, we are always sitting in front of things that are offensive, and subconsciously we can fight each other at any time, or want to escape here.

2. Eye Contact

In fact, when you like a person, your eyes are the first place to be exposed. Girls who like you look at you with a smile in their eyes.

Eye contact is the easiest detail to reveal a person’s inner heart in the action. If your girlfriend likes you, then the first and most important expression in the eyes is: When she sees you, her eyes often have a smile, and she must be very energetic, and sometimes even open her eyes involuntarily. If these are too detailed for you, there is actually an easier way to identify it: How much time does her eyes stay on you when she is with you? If she spends most of the time with you looking around or looking down on her mobile phone, then she must think you are very boring and she doesn’t even want to look at you.

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