How do you know if you are in depression or just being lazy?

Actually, your state is only known by yourself.

Although I have no depression diseases, I’m gonna to list some conditions conditions of myself in a depressing state. Because when I face some troubles and barriers, I will fall into a terrible depressed state.

1. Feel very uncomfortable

There is always an unknown fire in your heart that makes you feel very uncomfortable, but you can’t find the source. It seems that everything around you makes you feel disgusted and irritable. Some people may develop inexplicable emotional out-of-control, such as losing their temper for no reason. This is due to prolonged depression, which leads to problems in emotion perception, and the brain cannot correctly transmit emotions.

2. Be tired

People who suppress themselves for a long time will look very tired, because suppressing their own emotions itself requires depleting mental energy, especially for a long time, unconsciously suppressing oneself. And it will always at loss and cannot be replenished. This kind of psychological problem directly affects the body and makes you look tired. And this fatigue will then develop into boredom: loss of interest in everything, loss of confidence. Feeling unmotivated, depressed, unable to fight, etc.

3. Be painful

When you are depressed, you may feel physical discomfort, pain, and uncomfortable symptoms, but no cause can be found. I couldn’t even find the exact pain point, I just felt faintly uncomfortable. In essence, depression is to suppress the emotions that should be vented in the heart, and to alleviate the inner anxiety by ignoring and not admitting the existence of the problem. But these emotions will not disappear, they will become subconscious existence. This has caused the above-mentioned problems.

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