What are the most interesting facts about human behavior?

1. Physical contact can effectively increase the intimacy of two people.

In the relationship, many people have a misunderstanding that there is only one way to upgrade the relationship: confession.

Actually, confession is not a clarion call to initiate a charge, but a flag to declare victory. It means that the time of confession must be a measure to confirm the relationship,especially when the other party has a good impression of you. From this, it can be seen that the most effective way to upgrade a relationship is active physical contact. Psychology has also proved that after physical contact, both sides’ favor-ability for each other will increase.

2. Single people are more likely to get sick.

People’s demand for intimacy is the most important one. If this demand is not met, then various problems will occur. The most favorable evidence for belonging comes from studies of people who have lost intimate relationships (Ryff & Singer, 2000). The loss of intimacy can damage people’s health.

People may have higher blood pressure and weaker immune systems after divorce than when they are in a happy marriage. When college students are alone and unaccompanied, the immune response becomes weaker and they are more likely to catch colds and flu.

3.The more afraid of what will happen, the easier it will happen.

In a relationship, you are particularly afraid of making mistakes in front of your girl or boy, who you like. But as a result, it is easy to behave deliberately and unnaturally, making the other person lose interest in yourself.

All of this is caused by the gains and losses in love, and the need for each other is too strong, resulting in performance loss.

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