What makes a relationship last long?

Your way of getting on with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

To be honest, if a relationship can last long, it must give you a fresh feeling on every time. But how to keep fresh is a great challenge for us. There, I’m gonna to illustrate you some wonderful sayings about keeing fresh love evey day.

1. I just think you are very sweet and want to taste your whole body.

2. The two most wonderful things in life are you and making love with you.

3. What do you want to eat tonight? Hot pot? Beef? Or can it be me ?

4. There are three things I want to do most in my life. That I love youLove you. And make love with you.

5. Lend me 5 dollars to buy strawberries. Then I will return them to your neck.

6. My bed is neither too big nor too small, plus one for you is just right.

7. I didn’t slept well at all last night”. If you asked me, “What’s the matter”. I would answer to you, The quilt is too light to hold my thought back of missing you”.

8.I suspect that you are a book. Because the more I read it, the much more I fall asleep.

9. You are like my mobile phone, because I can’t do anything without you.

10.My quilt is fragrant, soft and comfortable. Would you like to cover it with me?

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