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What is the saddest thing you’ve ever seen?

Bushfire in the USA

It is the saddest thing that I have seen.

When I saw the bushfires raging in people‘s living place, I feel so scared and sad. Because the bushfires are not affecting our air quality, but also importantly threatening people’s lives. The bushfires are like the ghost who are damaging our homeplace. Due totheir raging, the whole sky is full of the orange mist. Many people’s houses are definitely damaged.

Los Angeles’s scene

The whole scene in the west coast has lost its past energy and youth. While it is replaced by the dead smell from the bushfires.

Some people drive fast for avoiding the wildfire. From their words” go go go “, I can feel their inner scares and worries.

When the wildfire can not be controlled, they have to jump into the frozen lake for protecting them from the raging wildfire. When I see the picture, I feel heartbroken. Because I can feel their scare and despair.

Then the desperate view in people’s houses after the bushfires

I am worried about their later life. Hope they will be safe.

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