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What innocent-seeming picture is actually heartbreaking?

A child witout his parents embracing on the train

On the train, I was shocked and heartbroken by an innocent little boy.

In general, because people didn’t purchase the seat, they had to sit down on the floor.

Due to the crowded situation, many parents will take their children carefully with embracing them in their arms. Sometimes, the ending station is distant. Many children may feel tired and sleepy. Thus, embracing them in their arms will protect them from being hit by the windows on the train or others.

But in the picture, two boys had been embraced by their mother. While, another boy alone sat down on the floor and yawned. When I saw this, I asked the aunt who embraced two boys, whether she knew that boy had parents or not. Then she told me that his father was on his right. But he was busy talking with others and paid no attention to him. 

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