Which moment did you feel that life is unfair?

Okay, I have to say. When I have no enough money to pay for my favorite clothes, I may feel it unfair . Why can so many people get a high salary, not including me? Why can I not have enough salary to live my life? Why…

When I got broken up with my ex-boyfriend, I felt my heartbroken. I might think whether I was beautiful or not. Even I might make a comparison with other lucky girls. That why can I not own a successful love. Why can I not live a happy life with him?

Until one day, I met with an excellent and gentle man on the party. I was attracted by his gentle behavior and good morality. That was that day when we made a long time communication with each other. His said,“Lucky, you are so lucky and worthy gaining everything wonderful. And you are not a lucky girl but a good woman.” As his words gave me the confidence towards life, I became a writer following my interest with a satisfying salary and a position. Most importantly, I start to put a positive attitude towards life.

Finally, life is like a mirror. When you smile to it, it will smile to it. Towards life, we should be ourselves and not feel unfair.

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